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Vestibular Studies

The Vestibular Studies Department at The Medical Group of Encino

The Federal Government has encouraged Primary Physicians to adopt a comprehensive fall assessment and prevention program.

In response to the federal mandate to prevent falls, we have recently acquired state-of-the-art technology called Infrared Videonystagmography system with Calorics and Computerized Posturography systems. These systems allow us to evaluate and find the affected component of your balance disorder.

In a recently published study of 600 E.R. Fall Cases, 80% of these falls were related to dizziness associated with the Vestibular System (the balance center for the brain).

Your Balance relies on a sophisticated network of peripheral sensors in your feet, your visual orientation, your dual vestibular (inner ear) navigational sensors, and your nervous system.

Your brain evaluates all these signals and sends proper responses to your muscles.

If ANY of these sensory components do not accurately send the proper signals to the brain, a sense of dizziness may occur.

We may be able to help patients with the following conditions:

Unsteadiness, Imbalance, Instability, fear of falling, history of falls, lightheadedness, fainting episodes, dizziness, wooziness, motion sickness, vertigo, nausea, headache, panic attacks, feeling weird as moving objects go by, dizzy when you turn quickly or roll over in bed.

Do you know of someone, or yourself, who had a stroke or concussion?

Any of the above conditions can affect your balance. Talk to your physician about improving your balance and preventing falls before they occur.

Medical Group of Encino offers Balance Assessment to assess your Fall Risk. This assessment will guide your physician to create a treatment plan, including physical therapy, neurologic care, and fall prevention measures.
Let us help you maintain a safe and fall-free environment. Contact us today, and start trending your vestibular status and help maintain your lifestyle.

Medical Group of Encino welcomes referrals, to help confirm diagnosis, treatment, or trending, using quantitative parameters from our VNG and CP systems. BPPV is quite common.

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